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24 Jan 08, 08:50:44 AM
Lexicon is a game based on creating your own Wikipedia. Details here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lexicon_%28game%29

The subject of this Lexicon is the imaginary American Transnational Films, a producer and releasing company for B-Movie westerns, science fiction, thrillers and other typical B-grade subjects from 1945 to 1989, the films had the occasional nudity or appeal to fetishes but nothing outright pornographic. Articles can be on films produced, actors in the films, crew biographies, characters from films expanded, financial backers, etc. The entries can be funny or odd but must be plausible. You can use real people to cast the films, but please make sure these people's involvement in the films would be credible.

For example, you could have Lon Cheney, Jr. after his career had flopped be in a film, but Paul Newman, unless it was before he got famous, is probably not a good choice. The same goes with directors and other notable real-life figures.

You are not allowed to delete other people's content (although you can expand their articles as long as their text remains in tact), and you can comment on them on the talk page. You need to assume that the facts in the entries are true, although you can interpret them however you like for your own entry.

I'm relaxing the rules a little bit and letting people make entries on any letter as long as they provide two new article links and create one page for a links that needs page written for it for every new link created. You are not allowed to write entries that you have created links for.

A sample of gameplay:

Browsing the site, I open the article for American Transnational Films, the overall summary of the company. There are no other articles yet, but two links have been provided: "Drums Along the Red River (1953)" and "The Demon Mannequin (1968)." I write an entry for Drums Along the Red River, adding two links, one to "Lester Chestnut," the lead actor in the film, and the other for "Moleskin, Iowa," the town where the film was shot. I then write an original entry- Peter Leftingway, a director of two films for ATF and include two links ("Findal, Iowa," the city where "Boxer in a Petticoat (1959)" was
shot) in it like in the last article. End of turn.

I've created a whole host of possible links to get started on your first entry, so there is your springboard.

Just go to http://atflexicon.wikidot.com and sign up to join in. Invite whoever you like to take part also. Please let me know if you're going to play.

The password is: b-movie