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James T
20 Dec 07, 02:01:17 PM
The best game of all IMHO (currently addicted).

The nice thing is that I can play and beat a computer (wonder how long that will last).

KGS! (http://www.gokgs.com/) My fave.

20 Dec 07, 07:51:09 PM
I was in the go club in college, and help my students now that I'm a teacher. I am completely craptastic at it though, at a measley rank of around 18-15 kyu (it changes depending on my mood of the day, haha).

It's the only strategy game I truly find fun and respect. I can't get into chess or shougi, but go is exciting. At times it can make my head hurt though.

James T
21 Dec 07, 03:27:51 PM
Complex is an understatement when it comes to go. I'm 4-8kyu depending on where I play. Really hoping to make 1d some day.