View Full Version : I need a sub for Atlas Shrugged

6 Mar 11, 09:57:21 AM
Anyone interested?

Imaginary Mark?

xXx_[SSJ] St. Drizzt_xXx
6 Mar 11, 11:33:02 AM
I hope Mark plays!

6 Mar 11, 11:57:51 AM
he said no. :(

xXx_[SSJ] St. Drizzt_xXx
6 Mar 11, 12:07:23 PM

6 Mar 11, 12:12:56 PM
I know. I'm really disappointed that IM doesn't want to play my first RnR mafia game.

Imaginary Mark
6 Mar 11, 12:16:08 PM
i said no because the person who wanted out was just being a quitter and a baby and he needs to suck it up and finish what he started.

Bartholomew Roberts
6 Mar 11, 12:25:40 PM
I'll do it.